Want to Learn More About Wine or Spirits?

Want to Learn More About Wine or Spirits?

Arrange for wine education classes in New Windsor, NY

At Bin 94, we pride ourselves on our knowledge about all products, whether grape or grain. If you'd like to learn more about wine or spirits, refine your palate, or just have a fun experience with some friends, book a private wine or spirits tasting with Bin 94.
Wine or Spirits experiences can be held at the Bin, or if you'd prefer, at the venue of your choice. We can take you around the world in a flight of 6 wines or expand your whiskey chops with 6 unique whiskies. Something else in mind? Just let us know and we'll customize an experience tailored to your preferences.


Every wine and spirit at Bin 94 has been tasted by our staff, and with over 20 years' experience in the industry, we are unique in both the interesting and unusual wines we carry, but also in the fact that we will happily tell you a little about each and every selection in the shop. We go to great lengths to find new and delicious wines and spirits that you don't find in other wine shops.

Looking for something really different? We love special orders, and will gladly try to track down even the rarest of bottles.

Bin 94 offers tastings every Friday and Saturday, and Grand Tastings with dozens of selections, food, and a raffle every 3 months. Check our events page for the next Grand Tasting.